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How they use Digital Bodyguarding™

The Digital Bodyguarding technology can be applied to many different profiles
and fulfill a wide array of strategic needs.
Find out by whom and how the cyber-surveillance tool is used

DBG – a Swiss cyber-surveillance tool for private banks

A growing number of financial institutions opt into a cyber-surveillance solution that

enables them to protect their interests through the protection of their brand
and the monitoring of key stakeholders, business partners and clients.

Bodyguards go digital

Discover how a Swiss team of reputation management specialists have put together
the ultimate strategic surveillance and protection tool. This is a quick overview
of KBSD’s work, and the main functionalities of the Digital Bodyguarding

Digital Intelligence – Goals and challenges

What is e-reputation and what are its stakes?
How do you secure your digital identity to reach your goals and accomplish your mission?
Learn about the fundamentals of the digital ecosystem, influence and crisis management.

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